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Welcome to the Blue Hills Neighborhood

Blue Hills Neighborhood is a shining example of how a community can achieve great things when its members work together towards common goals. These various programs and initiatives demonstrate the power of collaboration and community spirit in making positive changes happen:

  • Blue Hills Beautiful: This program reflects a commitment to maintaining the neighborhood’s appearance and cleanliness. When residents take pride in their surroundings, it not only enhances the visual appeal but also fosters a sense of community pride and unity.


  • Partnerships with Schools: Collaborating with schools is a fantastic way to engage young residents in community initiatives. It helps instill a sense of responsibility and ownership among students while educating them about the importance of keeping their environment clean and beautiful.


  • Partnerships with Churches: Involving local churches can provide additional resources and volunteers for community projects. It’s an excellent example of how diverse community organizations can come together for a common purpose.


  • Youth and Seniors Working Together: Intergenerational cooperation is beneficial for both age groups. Seniors can share their wisdom and experience, while the youth bring energy and enthusiasm to projects. This interaction can foster a strong sense of community and mutual respect. 


  • Enjoy Summer Program: Offering summer programs not only keeps young people engaged during the break but also provides a safe and productive environment. These programs can include educational, recreational, and cultural activities that contribute to the overall well-being of the community.


  • Boy Scouts of America Community Garden: Engaging youth in scouting programs that involve activities like maintaining a community garden teaches valuable life skills and reinforces the importance of environmental stewardship.


  • Orchards and Beehives: These initiatives contribute to the neighborhood’s sustainability and provide fresh produce while supporting local ecosystems. Additionally, they serve as educational tools for residents of all ages.


  • Cleanliness and Safety: By working together to keep the neighborhood clean and safe, residents are not only improving their quality of life but also deterring crime and creating a welcoming environment for everyone. 

In summary, the Blue Hills Neighborhood is a prime example of how a united community can achieve remarkable results through collaboration and shared values. By working together on projects that benefit all residents, they have not only improved the physical appearance of their neighborhood but also created a strong sense of community pride and unity. These efforts are likely to have a lasting positive impact on the neighborhood’s residents and future generations.

Blue Hills Neighborhood Marker

Boards of Directors and BHNA members have worked in earnest with civic agencies and business partners to:

  • reduce crime and implement strategies to restore a sense of safety,
  • keep residents informed on matters of importance to the neighborhood,
  • act as a conduit for services and resources for residents,
  • provide programs for youth, and
  • restore the beauty that characterized the neighborhood for decades.

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